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Building community.

This is what sets Plus Size Pretty apart.

This is what makes Plus Size Pretty unique.

Beautiful Black woman with braids dressed in a bright pink shirt and cropped jeans

Our Mission

Through fashion and community building activities, we empower and encourage plus size individuals to be bold and brave and to live their best lives in the present.

  • Angelina Vega as a child dressed in all pink while holding a large, fluffy cat

    Angelina Vega, Owner

    Angelina cannot remember a time when fashion wasn't a big part of her life. She attributes her style and fashion sense to her mom who taught her to appreciate classic styles with a fresh spin.

    Fun Facts:

    - She is a U.S. Coast Guard veteran.

    - She loves cats (see picture).

    - Her favorite colors are purple and red.

    - She is a practicing Ohio attorney.

  • Jamie Lee Quickert, Business Leader & Public Speaker

    Plus Size Pretty co-founder, Jamie Lee Quickert, has loved fashion from the time she put on her mama’s high-heels and her dad’s oversized t-shirt as a little girl and strutted down the imaginary runway in her living room.

    Fun Facts:

    - She co-founded Plus Size Pretty in 2021.

    - She owns Style by James and is a fashion stylist and personal shopper.

    - She owns a British bulldog named Josephine Barker.

  • Kellybellyohio, beautiful fat woman with red hair, bright blue eyes, and pink lipstick

    Kelly Lynn, Influencer

    Kelly is a plus size fit and fashion model as well as a fat activist and social media influencer whose mission in life is to create a more inclusive world for marginalized people.

    Fun Facts:

    - She is a social media influencer with over 205K followers.

    - She can be found on Instagram @kellybellyohio.

    - She collects Squishmallows and has over 75.

    - She is a naturist and part-time farmer who raises exotic chickens.