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Our Mission

Plus Size Pretty is dedicated to empowering the plus-size community by providing stylish, affordable fashion for all. We celebrate individuality and encourage everyone to embrace their true authentic selves, fostering a culture of inclusivity and support.

Our Vision

We envision a future where the plus-size community is celebrated and fashion is made accessible without geographic or financial barriers. Our vision is a world where everyone can live authentically, shop without constraints, and feel empowered to express themselves genuinely.

Our Values

  • Authenticity: We encourage everyone to reflect and embrace their true selves
  • Empowerment: We uplift and inspire confidence through empowering our community
  • Inclusivity: We are committed to creating a welcoming space that respects all individuals
  • Accessibility: We strive to remove limitations and make plus-size fashion accessible to all
  • Community: We foster unity, bringing people together to celebrate diversity and inclusion in fashion

Who We Are

Meet Angelina, the driving force behind Plus Size Pretty. Fashion has always been her passion, thanks to her mom's timeless style lessons. As a U.S. Coast Guard veteran and practicing Ohio attorney, Angelina brings a unique blend of creativity and professionalism to the table. She values individuality and diversity, reflected not only in her sense of style, but also in her growing collection of enamel pins.

When Angelina isn't scouting new finds for Plus Size Pretty, you can find her cuddled up with her cats or brainstorming ideas for the next community event. With Angelina leading the way, Plus Size Pretty isn't just about fashion – it's about empowering everyone to feel confident and beautiful.


Plus Size Pretty was co-founded by Jamie Lee Quickert and Samantha Saunders in 2021 with a mission to champion inclusive, empowering fashion for plus-size women. In the following year, the boutique was acquired by Angelina, who infused the shop with her high energy and extensive customer service expertise, elevating the brand's presence and community social outreach.

Under Angelina's leadership, Plus Size Pretty continues to grow and inspire, with the support of social media influencer Kelly Nicholas, who brings her substantial influence and experience to the boutique. Kelly, known for her transformative impact in the fashion industry as a plus-size model with over 175K followers, challenges industry norms and passionately advocates for a more inclusive world.

Through her engaging social media presence, notably on Instagram at @kellybellyohio, Kelly shares her multifaceted life as a naturist, part-time farmer, and exotic chicken enthusiast, alongside her unique passion for collecting over 75 Squishmallows. Her vibrant spirit and dedication to inclusivity play a crucial role in reshaping beauty standards and paving the way for a future where fashion is truly for everyone.

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