Consignment/Selling Appointments

Consignment/selling appointments

If you are interested in consigning or selling clothes to Plus Size Pretty, use the button below to schedule an appropriate appointment for the amount of clothes you are bringing for consideration.

Cancellation Policy

If you must cancel, please notify Plus Size Pretty as soon as possible. Appointments are very limited, and we want everyone to have an opportunity.

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Consigning vs. selling

When you bring your items to Plus Size Pretty, you have four options:

1. Consign items for store credit (You get 40% of the cost of the sold item.)

2. Consign items for money (You get 30% of the cost of the sold item.)

3. Sell items for store credit (You get 20% of the cost of sold item.)

4. Sell items for money (You get 10% of the cost of the sold item.)

For example:

If Plus Size Pretty can sell an item for $15, here is what you would get with each option:

1. Consign for store credit - $6

2. Consign for money - $4.50

3. Sell item for store credit - $3

4. Sell item for money - $1.50

You will receive the greatest return if you consign for store credit and the item is sold. Of course, there is a chance that no one will buy your item within the 90-day consignment period. If your consignment item expires before being purchased, you will have 2 weeks to pick up your item, or the item will become property of Plus Size Pretty and may be donated. If your consignment item is sold, you will receive store credit as described in the Consignment Agreement.

You will receive the smallest return if you sell the item for money, but you do not have to worry about whether Plus Size Pretty is able to sell the item. You will receive money within a week of selling the item to Plus Size Pretty.

Please read the Consignment Agreement and Item Acceptance Policy for more information about the consignment/selling process.